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Calgary Family Medicine Clinics

  • Emergency Medicine

Landmark Collaborative Health documents

Landmark Collaborative Health is a progressive multi-disciplinary clinic that provides preventative and proactive healthcare to individuals, families ...

Calgary Alberta

Preventous Collaborative Health
Preventous Collaborative Health

Preventous Collaborative Health is a health center located on 17th Avenue in Calgary providing preventive health care services. Our team at Preventous ...

1635 17th Avenue S.W.
Calgary Alberta
Canada T2T 0E5

Dr.Elumir MD,CCFP Pain Treatment Clinic

DR.ELUMIR MD, CCFP has significant experience with Motor Vehicle Accidents. Your treatments can be covered through insurance or on assignment meaning ...


Lake Bonavista Shopping Plaza Unit 141. 755 Lake Bonavista Drive SE
Calgary Alberta
Canada T2J 0N3

Cranston Family Healthcare
Cranston Family Healthcare

We are a general family practice, with walk-in's and appointments, focusing on all forms of primary healthcare, ranging from minor ailments and i ...

(587) 3535 835
(587) 3535 836
1020 - 356 CRANSTON RD SE
Calgary Alberta
Canada T3M 0S9

Provital Health and Wellness

Convenient and centrally located, Provital Health & Wellness is a progressive collaborative healthcare clinic built on a core philosophy of provid ...

Calgary Alberta
Canada T2T 1Z5

Nielsen Homeopathic Medical Clinic

Canada's leading Homeopathic Medical Clinic has great success for a wide variety of diseases/ailments (acute, chronic and preventative medicine). ...


1919 Sirocco Drive SW suite 220
Calgary Alberta
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