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VM Medical MRI Center

1538 Sherbrooke St. West Suite 900
Downtown Montreal Quebec
Canada H3G 1L5

ph: 514-789-4011
fax: 514-788-4808
toll free: 1-800-849-6048 x 270

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Private MRI Center offering rapid access to most MRI exams. VM Medical MRI is situated in a unique sunlit room which minimizes confinement related effects and features an wide open bore, ideal for claustrophobic patients. The VM Medical MRI Center is also Canada’s first Siemens-Sentinelle designated Breast MRI Center of Excellence for image production, research, staff training as well as testing for new MRI-guided biopsy technology and is therefore capable of providing the most complete access possible for MRI-guided breast biopsies. All exam reports are provided to your referring physician within 48 hours. Our downtown Montreal location makes it easy for people all from all over the city as well as those who come in from farther away to take advantage of our facility. Local lodging arrangements can be made if required.Note: MRI exams are covered by most private insurance company as well as SAAQ and CSST.About VM MedicalVM Medical is a private medical services provider based on Montreal, Canada. VM Medical’s focus is on the rapid diagnosis and treatment of breast and other cancers. With our multidisciplinary team of physicians and our on-site imaging capabilities – including among other things onsite MRI, PET-CT and 3D-4D ultrasound – VM Medical strives to provide patients with rapid access to quality care using the latest screening and treatment tools. Our rapid diagnostic breast center is unique in Quebec and permits women to receive their mammogram, review results and receive any additional treatment including any biopsy necessary as well as receive results all in one visit. Our rapid diagnostic model led to the diagnosis and treatment of over 450 new cases of breast cancer in 2011 alone. Our onsite Oncology and Integrative Health and Wellness Centers offer patients a unique, out of hospital environment, in which to receive consultations and treatments. VM Medical is accredited in mammography by the Canadian Association of Radiologists, is the only MRI center in Canada to be accredited by the American College of Radiology, and is the only center in Quebec to be a member of the National Consortium of Breast Centers. For more information visit our website at

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VM Medical MRI Center

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