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Regal Health Services

123 Edward St. Suite 1106
Central Toronto Ontario
Canada M5G 1E2

ph: 416-340-0700
fax: 416-340-0400
toll free:

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Do you need to spend a few hours with your doctor and your own health care team? Regal Health Services is a unique Medical Clinic that provides enhanced healthcare building upon basic OHIP services and follows you and your health throughout the year. At Regal Health Services we spend as much time as you need to fully address all aspects of your health in an initial Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Assessment. Your typical doctor’s follow up appointments may last 30 minutes or more for an in depth discussion of test results and your individualized health plan. If you prefer to have the discussion by phone to save you time, that can be arranged as well. If you are ill or have any health concerns, then OHIP will cover all medically necessary tests and consultations in the usual way. Your care is complemented by our broad range of individualized consultations with allied health professionals of your choice (dietician, fitness trainer, physiotherapist and others), one home or office visit by our lab technician for blood taking, as well as our 24/7 EMERGENCY TELEPHONE ADVICE. A quick phone call to us can sometimes prevent an unnecessary emergency visit or more importantly, be critical to your health. OUR POLICY IS THAT EMERGENCY MEDICAL ADVICE SHOULD BE OBTAINABLE AT ALL TIMES FOR OUR PATIENTS. In order to be able to provide this type of comprehensive and personal health services, Regal Health has a limit to the number of clients it can accommodate and there is an annual fee of $3300. At Regal Health Services we work hard to provide you the best medical care, utilizing our expertise and the most current tools that exist. You have our undivided attention and the focus is on you and your health throughout the year.

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Regal Health Services

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