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Victoria Park Medispa

367 Victoria Ave. Suite #400
Westmount Montreal Quebec
Canada H3Z 1C3

ph: 514-488-7722
fax: 514-488-8668
toll free:

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When you make a decision on medical esthetics, you should trust your treatment to leading physicians that specialize in skin care. You should also ensure that the facility has the widest possible selection of esthetic tools so your provider can choose the best possible solution for you, not just what they happen to have available. Only the Medispa at Victoria Park brings together a team from among Canada’s leading board-certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists in a world-class facility with the leading selection of proven, non-surgical esthetics tools to ensure the best possible results for our clients. Since its inception over thirteen years ago, under the supervision of Dr. Arthur Swift and Dr. Bill Papanastasiou, the Medispa and its experienced team has successfully treated thousands of satisfied patients. The medical team now also proudly includes Dr. Steven Bernstein, Dr. Mirko Gilardino, Dr. Lucie Khouri, and Dr. Andreas Nikolis, all working together to deliver the very best in esthetic care. Please refer to for a full listing of our treatments. We look forward to helping you achieve your esthetic goals.

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 Cosmetic/Eyelash Growth

 Cosmetic/Skin - Discoloration Treatment

 Cosmetic/Skin - Injectibles/Perlane

 Cosmetic/Skin - Injectibles

 Cosmetic/Skin - Acne Management/Light & Heat Energy (LHE)

 Cosmetic/Skin - Peels & Resurfacing/Microdermabrasion

 Cosmetic/Skin - Peels & Resurfacing


 Cosmetic/Vein Management/Light / Laser Therapy

 Cosmetic/Vein Management

 Cosmetic/Weight Loss/Ultrashape

 Cosmetic/Hair/Laser Hair Removal

 Cosmetic/Skin - Acne Management/Acne Photo Cleaning

 Cosmetic/Skin - Acne Management/Blue-Light Therapy

 Cosmetic/Skin - Peels & Resurfacing/Laser Resurfacing

 Cosmetic/Skin - Peels & Resurfacing/Photo Rejuvenation

 Cosmetic/Skin - Peels & Resurfacing/Chemical Peel

 Cosmetic/Skin - Injectibles/Hyaluronic Acid

 Cosmetic/Skin - Injectibles/Restylane

 Cosmetic/Skin - Injectibles/Juvederm

 Cosmetic/Skin - Injectibles/Botox

 Cosmetic/Skin - Peels & Resurfacing/Thermage

 Cosmetic/Body Shaping

 Cosmetic/Body Shaping/CoolSculpting

 Cosmetic/Skin - Peels & Resurfacing/Fraxel

Victoria Park Medispa

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