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Cibo Clinic

1131A Leslie Street, Suite 300
North York Toronto Ontario
Canada M3C 3L8

ph: 416-527-2263
toll free: 1-866-511-2426

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Our patients have joined over 750,000 patients worldwide who took back control of their lives by trusting the Lap-Band System to help them achieve lasting weight loss. Rated number one worldwide by healthcare providers, the adjustable gastric Lap-Band, together with our superior post procedure program, puts CIBO Clinic at the forefront of Canadian surgical weight loss clinics.At CIBO, we’re there for you whenever you need us. Our program consists of four pillars – medical, nutritional, psychological, and physical. We know that by assisting you with a specialized program, in conjunction with the Lap-Banding procedure, you’ll have all the support you need so you can succeed in losing weight. Our total-care facility is staffed with a team of doctors, nurses a nutritionist, psychologist, chiropractor/kinesiologist/ trainer and other wellness professionals who understand what you’re going through, and provide outstanding support from your initial assessment, and most importantly, during your recovery and aftercare. All included in our total care service.

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Cibo Clinic

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