Advantage Laser Clinic

94 Cumberland Street, Suite 504 Toronto Ontario M5R 1A3


Advantage Laser Clinic is a physician supervised laser clinic which specializes in hair rejuvenation, smoking cessation, laser tattoo removal, weight loss and cellulite treatments. As an affiliate of Bellair Laser Clinic we are also able to provide our clients with excellent laser hair removal services. We use only FDA approved laser technologies to assist those interested in improving their health, appearance and overall quality of life.At Advantage Laser Clinic we use the Sunetics Model G clinical laser system for hair stimulation, the AlextriVantage for tattoo removal, the SpaRF for the treatment of cellulite and the superpulsed Theralaser for smoking cessation, and weight loss. We use only the best laser technology available which is why we are able to deliver superior results.Upon arrival, you will receive a complimentary consultation by one of our qualified, medically trained staff members who will create a specialized treatment plan to address your particular needs. Take advantage of our services and start feeling better about yourself.