Clinique dentaire du Dr David Côté

80 Rue Belleau Gatineau Quebec J9A 1H1


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Dr. David Côté

You suffer from dental problems, want to have a dreamy smile, and you have sleep problems; a single solution! Dr. David Côté's clinic opens its doors to solve all your oral and sleep apnea problems.

An expert and dedicated team

Located in Gatineau, specifically in the Val Telreau neighborhood, Dr. David Côté's clinic provides its clients with the best possible follow-up for all their oral and sleep problems. Founded by the doctor from whom she is named, our clinic is proud of the constant satisfaction it provides to its many clients.

Dr. David has been an expert in orthodontics for over 15 years. He is assisted by a specialist like Dr. Martin Dubois, who has worked for the clinic since 2014. He has excellent skills in oral surgery. The two specialists are the best dental team in all of Gatineau, and are accompanied by qualified dental assistants, dental hygienists and a clinic administration department. All work to provide the best care of the whole country.

Our services in Gatineau

General dental care

Recognizing the importance, your smile has for you. We strive to provide the care and maintenance necessary for it to always be attractive and sparkling. Our dental services include general dentistry such as bleaching, facet installation and maintenance, implants, bridges, dental surgery, etc. not to mention the orthodontic care that Dr. David Côté administers personally. After your visit to our clinic, your smile will be your best companion.


Treatment of sleep disorders

Constantly tired, and even after a good sleep, you cannot yet recover vitally, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. No worries! Dr. David Côté's clinic also offers you a diagnosis and comprehensive care to solve this problem.

Health Tips

Get expert advice to keep you healthy and adopt good oral hygiene. Dr. David Côté's clinic provides a blog with articles written to ensure rich knowledge.