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What is Health Kinesiology?
Health kinesiology was developed by Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. He is a physiological
psychologist, and was working as a research scientist at the University of
California Medical School in the 1970’s when he first saw a demonstration of
muscle testing. He was initially both fascinated and highly skeptical. The
skepticism has long gone as he has since developed a separate branch of
kinesiology. I asked him to tell me about it, and this is what he said:
"In health kinesiology we start by quickly meridian energy balancing the client.
Unlike many other kinesiologies we do not test for anything until the energy
system is balanced. Rather than finding what strengthens a weakened system, we
start with the energy system balanced then determine what weakens, stresses,
the system and then we strengthen it again in the face of the stressor.
"HK uses muscle testing to establish the most important thing to work on (as well
as asking the client). We rely mainly on muscle testing with verbal questioning to
establish what we work on and how we proceed. HK students undergo thorough
training in this skill so that they can use verbal questioning reliably and
"HK doesn’t focus so much on fixing symptoms as addressing the deeper core
issues in the bioenergy system. HK also considers that the energy in the tissues is
even more important than the energy in the meridians.