Jump 6

6124 Tecumseh Rd E Windsor Ontario N8T 1E6


Jump6™ is Canada’s Premier Weight Loss Program featuring the Orbera intragastric stomach balloon! Feel full all the time, eat less, loss weight! It is a fast and effective way for anyone to lose weight without pills, dieting or surgery. In less than 10 minutes, the gastric balloon is inserted in the stomach making you feel full and never hungry. Average weight loss is 40 to 60 pounds in 6 months. Stomach shrinks when the balloon comes out so you continue to eat less and maintain weight. If you need to lose pounds fast without the cost of pills and dieting and the risk of surgery, and if you want to avoid feeling hungry while you are losing weight, then Jump6 has the program for you! Call us today at 1877-91-Jump6 for more information or visit us at www.jump6.ca.If you own an Endoscopic clinic, investment opportunities are also available. Contact us