Laser Health Works

93 Bell Farm Road Suite 111 Barrie Ontario L4M 5G1


Laser Health Works we believe that our health is much more than the absence of disease. We believe that when we feel positive about our appearance, that adds to our feeling of well being. How we feel about ourselves is communicated to those around us. So why not feel good? Why not communicate this to those around us? Why not utilize all the potential that we have ? When we feel good , we then communicate our strengths and positive energy to those around us. We then encourage others to feel good and use their strengths as well.Laser Health Works was created to offer you the latest in advanced aesthetic and cosmetic services to help you realize your true potential. We are proud to offer you these services in a safe, medically supervised setting, north of the hustle and bustle of the big city. As physicians we have brought many years of experience to Laser Health Works. For instance, when we selected our Laser Hair Removal System, we reviewed all of the laser hair removal systems being used in North America, Europe and Asia before we settled on the LightSheer™. This is the only system that is approved by the US Federal Drug Administration to permanently remove unwanted body and facial hair and this is the system we brought to Central Ontario. And to ensure that your investment is truly without risk, our treatments are supervised or given by a physician. Read about the LightSheer™ Laser on this site.