Medcan Clinic

150 York Street Suite 1500 Toronto Ontario M5H 3S5



The Medcan Travel Clinic offers business and leisure travelers a complete preventive assessment to identify health risks associated with travel (such as malaria, influenza and yellow fever). Medcan’s travel team provides: immunizations and follow-up boosters; travel medication advice (such as anti-nausea/diarrhea, insect repellants and travel kits); on-line destination, travel health and security reports (such as disease outbreaks), and; expertise to ensure clients are completely prepared for their travel from a health perspective. Travel appointments at Medcan also give clients access to International SOS™, a worldwide travel medical assistance company, to help with any medical problems encountered while you are away from home. The Medcan Travel Clinic is a Designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre that adheres to the guidelines set by the World Health Organization and Health Canada.