Medisys Preventive Health Services

1090 West Pender, 11th Floor Vancouver British Columbia V6E 2N7


Medisys has been Canada’s leading provider of preventive health assessments since 1987.Our personalized preventive health assessment includes comprehensive testing to screen for heart disease, cancer and many other health conditions. Test results and customized recommendations are delivered to you in an unhurried meeting with your Medisys physician. We also provide any necessary specialist referrals and rigorous follow-up if any health concern is identified.For those looking to ensure year-round healthcare support, our preventive health assessment can be complemented by Medisys One Concierge Service, which provides 24/7 telephone assistance and timely referrals for any health-related matter—at home and abroad.Each year, Medisys performs over 16,000 preventive health assessments. Over 95% of our surveyed clients rated our services as “excellent” or “very good”.