Medisys Travel Health and Vaccination Clinic

321 6th Ave. SW - Suite 960 Calgary Alberta T2P 3H3



Medisys Health Group’s Calgary travel health and vaccination clinic provides you with everything you need to promote a healthy journey and a safe return.Our clinic is led by a team of world-renowned travel health physicians and provides you with vaccinations and personalized pre- and post-travel consultations designed to limit your and your family’s exposure to health risks during your corporate or leisure travels.We provide on site the full range of routine, recommended and required vaccinations, including Yellow Fever, and we issue prescriptions for any medication needed to prevent or treat travel-related illnesses, such as malaria, travellers’ diarrhea and altitude sickness.Our full-service clinics also offer all recommended travel health products to help keep you safe while abroad including impregnated bed nets, mosquito repellent with 30% DEET, water purification systems, travel kits, etc.