Corporate Preventive Health and Wellness in Canada

What Can Corporate Health Do For You?

If you own or work for a large or even a small corporation, you may be able to take advantage of corporate health programs. Many corporations are discovering that healthy employees and those with healthy habits take less time off of work and are generally more productive.



For this reason, many corporations are initiating corporate health programs. Corporate health programs are voluntary and help employees make the right choices when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. 

Here are a few of the corporate health benefits that employees of corporations should be aware of:








Quit Smoking Programs
Because smoking is so detrimental to your health, you will find that many corporations actually offer incentives to employees who embark on a smoking cessation program. They will usually provide free stop smoking initiatives such as patches, gums and even hypnosis. For years, employers have been aware that smokers take more time off of work than those who do not smoke. For this reason, corporate health often encompasses a smoking cessation program.










Weight Loss Programs
Some corporations are so intent on seeing their employees stay slim and healthy that they have added gyms to their corporate campuses. Others offer discounts to gyms as part of an employee incentive. Still others have on staff dieticians that can help you formulate a healthy diet so that you can lose weight if you need to or maintain a healthy weight. 

Acknowledging the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy weight, many corporations have walking paths outside so that employees can walk on their lunch hours. They also have cafeterias that serve healthy and nutritious meals.









Mental Health Issues
An employee cannot be productive if they are experiencing family trauma or personal problems. For this reason, many corporations offer their staff an employee assistance program, which is designed to help employees through trying times. Employee assistance programs usually offer counseling to the employee as well as their family. 

People who are eligible for employee assistance programs are those who are in homes where there is alcoholism, mental illness, drug abuse or other traumas. If an employee is experiencing stress related to their job, they are also eligible to take advantage of the employee assistance program. Mental health issues are no longer swept under the carpet by many big corporations who know that mentally healthy employees are productive and happier.

Health forums like can also help them share with their peers throught mental health forums.








Environmental Precautions
Years ago, before people knew any better, dangerous substances like asbestos were handled by workers without any precautionary measures in place. Workers were also exposed to toxins at work. Today, because of better knowledge and laws that prevent workplace hazards, employees are not as much at risk for getting sick or injured when they are working.

Organizations such as OSHA have been making sure that warehouses and factories are in compliance with federal and state guidelines so that employees are not put at unnecessary risks. Those employees who are dealing with toxic chemicals or substances must be warned and wear protective clothing. No longer do we send someone into a toxic atmosphere where they can be exposed to cancer causing chemicals - that we know about. Corporations are always making sure that they keep abreast of any new developments when it comes to protection of their employees under their corporate health plan. 

In the United States, there have been unions for nearly 75 years that have protected the interests of workers. In countries like Japan, management techniques are far different and there is more emphasis placed on keeping the individual employee not only happy but healthy. It costs a company a lot of money to replace an employee who is not happy and productive with their job and each year, corporations lose billions of dollars with regard to people calling in sick. 

For this reason, many corporations are now enacting corporate health plans that focus on the overall health and welfare of each individual employee. Some corporate health plans even include spas and massage on the premise of the employee headquarters. The name of the game is now to make employees happy and keep them very healthy and more productive in their work. 

Corporate health is a lot more than just making sure that the company does not dump toxic waste into the nearby river. It entails making sure that the employees of the corporation are not only healthy physically, but mentally as well. 

What about Corporate health plans in your City?
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