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Top 5 Treatments to Reduce Acne

While adults often dismiss acne as a “rite of passage” that every teenager must go through, it couldn’t come at a more inopportune moment in a young teenager’s life. This is the time for raging hormones and self-consciousness; a time when every teenager wants to look their very best. 

Making its appearance during this vulnerable period, acne can cause teenagers unwanted angst and is the main cause of plummeting self-confidence at this time.

For years, doctors and parents cautioned teenagers against eating too many chocolate or getting too stressed as both were suspected to contribute to the onset of acne. Despite all the research that has been done over the years; cures for acne have eluded medical science. Teenaged boys conveniently spread the rumor that sexual activity could cure acne; to their utter chagrin, this was subsequently proven to be entirely untrue.

Acne is thought to be caused by hormone fluctuations. Many women reported having acne breakouts during menstruation. Some women reported having their acne clear up or having a new case of acne upon pregnancy.









The Top Five Acne Treatments include:









1) Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are really the only effective treatment for acne. Chemical peels can be done in a dermatologist’s office and range from mild peels to deep peels. Mild peels work by removing the top layer of skin, thus allowing the underneath layers to grow. When combined with topical solutions, chemical peels are effective at treating acne.

The down-side to chemical peels are that they can be prohibitively expensive. However, if your acne is interfering with your life to the point where you need to seek counseling because of self esteem issues, chemical peels for acne treatment can be covered under health insurance. 

In some cases, if the acne returns, the chemical peel may need to be repeated. There are a few treatments available that the patient can use at home to stave off any future acne once they have undergone chemical peel treatment.






2) Light Therapy for Acne
Ultraviolet light therapy has been used for years to treat acne. Light therapy employs the use of artificial ultraviolet light and directs it onto the affected areas of the skin. The acne typically clears up after about a week of treatments.

The up side is that there are now ultraviolet light boxes sold for the home that are affordable so that once you have been treated by the dermatologist, you can get instructions on how to treat yourself at home. The down side to light therapy, if any, is that it takes several treatments to see a significant difference.









3) Topical Acne Creams Solutions
Pro-Active is one of the newest treatments in acne treatment and has proven effective in clearing up acne.

It involves treating the skin with several topical solutions, one of which is a mild chemical peel, astringent and a conditioner. This has proven to be effective at helping control mild acne breakouts, although it is far from the miracle cure it is depicted, with or without the endorsement of celebrity Jessica Simpson. 

It has inspired many other knock offs that pretty much use the same method of peeling the skin using an antiseptic, and then a softener to keep it from looking burned and flaking.









4) Natural Methods to Reducing Acne
There are a host of natural treatments that can be used effectively to treat acne. 

There are some essential oils, such as Lavender for example, or Rose that can be applied to acne ridden skin for treatment. Lavender and rose are the few essential oils that can directly be applied to skin without causing damage and both have proven effective at treating acne breakouts. 

Aloe Vera, a substance that is derived from the plant with the same name, is often used on the skin for a multitude of reasons including curing acne and healing cuts and burns.






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5) Vitamin E
Vitamin E, an ingredient that is found in certain foods as well as vitamin supplements has been found to be very effective in curing acne. For relief from acne, all you need to do is break the vitamin E capsule and apply it directly to the effected area. 

Because acne is formed from the inside out and treatments concentrate on the outside in, acne has always been difficult to treat. Hormone therapy can be considered in adult acne, although it is definitely not advisable in teenaged acne.

Daily application of an astringent after washing the face is tremendously effective in keeping acne under control. One cure-all that can be used to treat acne and clear up oily skin is an old remedy that still works today. It costs about 79 cents in the drug store and goes under the name of “Peroxide.”









Acne's scars
Acne leaves its scars not only on the face and body, but also on the heart. Because it is something that affects vulnerable youngsters who have not yet learned the art of deflecting ridicule or taking it on the ‘chin’; snide comments and cruel jokes by other peers can leave the acne- riddled person feeling bereft and even more self-conscious than ever before. Teenagers who are the receiving end of these jokes can suffer from very low self esteem their entire life.





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