Cosmetic Facial Procedures and Treatments for your Face

Top 10 Cosmetic Facial Treatments and Procedures

1) Microdermabrasion.
This is a procedure done to correct:
    - sun damage
    - brown spots
    - uneven skin tone
    - acne
    - wrinkles and lines.

During this process aluminium oxide crystals are used to scrape away dead skin cells off the skin surface to reveal younger and better skin.

There are microdermabrasion kits sold in the stores that can be used at home but the results are not the same. Microdermabrasion can be a prelude to other procedures. It is usually performed on the face.


2) Chemical Peel
Close to microdermabrasion a chemical peel has the same effect although it goes deeper than microdermabrasion. It improves texture and also it is good for uneven pigmentation as well as wrinkles.

A chemical peel may leave the skin a little red and peel later. Most commonly used are alphahydroxy acid, Trichloroacetic acid.


3) Laser skin procedures
The use of laser in the beauty industry is gaining a lot of mileage although it is relatively new. There is more than one way in which laser can be used to improve ones looks.

  a) Laser skin resurfacing
This is similar to microdermabrasion but it goes much deeper to treat damage to the skin. It is not a painful operation. People with darker skin tones should be warned that laser procedures do not work very well with their skin tone.
  b) Laser scar removal
Laser is used to remove unsightly scars. The laser is directed on the scar tissue and it vaporizes it and allows new skin to form which will be more natural looking and less noticeable. This is an outpatient procedure.
  c) Laser tattoo removal
Laser light removes tattoos most effectively. Repeat treatments will be needed before the tattoo can disappear completely.
  d) Laser hair removal
Repeated laser hair removal can rid you of the routine of shaving or waxing and also unsightly hair growths like lip hair on women. The results from laser are longer lasting and can rid the hair completely after repeat treatments. However, people suffering from dermatitis, psoriasis, and cystic acne are not good candidates for laser hair removal.


4) Injectable face fillers
There are various injectable products that will fill out wrinkles and give plumpness to the lips and cheeks.

  a) Botox
A paradox in that botox can be poisonous; it is very effective against wrinkles.
  b) Collagen
Collagen is collected from animals and processed to resemble human collagen. Collagen will fill wrinkles, scars on most parts of the body.
  c) Your own fat
The own fat is harvested form one area of the body and used to fill lines or sunken cheeks on your face. This is safer as the risk of allergic reactions or rejection by your body is lessened as your body will not fight its own fat.



5) Surgery
There various surgery procedures that can be done on the face to improve appearance and enhance your beauty.

  a) Eyelid surgery
This will correct drooping eyelids and remove fat pockets under the eyes which all contribute to one looking older and tired than they are
  b) Ear surgery
Ear surgery is good for reducing very large ears or protruding ears. A cut will be made behind the ear and then closed closer to the skull to reduce the protrusion.
  c) Chin surgery
As it suggests this procedure is done to enhance the chin and can include implants to improve shape. Sometimes reduction surgery may be under taken together with a nose surgery in order to give a better balance to the face.



6) Rhinoplasty (or nose re-shaping)
This is the nose job to correct deformities or purely for aesthetic purposes. The nose plays a big role in our general appearance and lends balance and symmetry to the face.


7) Face lift
A face lift is done to correct the effect of gravity on face tissues or muscles. This procedure is invasive and requires a longer healing period but usually less than a month. It dramatically improves ones looks but does not necessarily make you young but good for your age. There is also forehead lift that will smooth out wrinkles for 5 to 10 years.

8) Facial Implants
Face implants are used to modify the bone structure of the face or to fill up aging spots. Implants can also create high cheek bones which are accepted as more pleasing on the eye.


9) Permanent Eyeliner
Permanent eyeliner defines the eyes and can be applied also on the brows and lips.


10) Liposuction
Liposuction is not for the body only but also for the face especially the chin, cheeks and neck. It will remove excess fat using a suction and vacuum machine.

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