Top 5 Chemical Peels and Treatments to Reduce Face Wrinkles

Top 5 Chemical Peels and Treatments for your Face

There is absolutely no reason why anybody should go around with skin that looks worn or has acne marks or discoloration. Chemical peels are safer than ever and even more affordable. A facial peel employs the use of chemicals to remove the top layer of damaged skin to reveal the glowing skin underneath.

Our skin consists of many different layers and we shed layers of skin all the time. Unfortunately, we do not shed our skin evenly. By opting for a facial peel you can be assured of an even skin tone that is free from the damage of sun, acne scars and other imperfections. 

Facial peels must be performed by an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon. 

There are also chemical peels that can be used in the privacy of your own home that can work well to remove dead skin and wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin. Because the process consists of essentially using a chemical to cause a layer of skin to blister and fall off so the skin underneath can flourish, people are advised to seek the advice of medical professionals instead of attempting to do this at home. 

Here then are the top five facial peels used in the cosmetic industry today:



1) Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peel
This is a light peel formula and is one of the easiest and safest to use. In some products, AHA is used as part of a daily skin care routine because it slowly removes the damaged skin and is very mild. An Alpha Hydroxy facial peel will reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles, reduce uneven skin tones, smooth rough skin, treat dryness and improve areas of the skin that have been sun damaged.

Though generally safe, it is recommended that Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels should be tested on a small area of skin first, as they may cause redness and irritation. It also takes many treatments of this product to achieve results. 

Chemical facial peels can be dangerous but they are an effective way to treat wrinkles.






2) Beta Hydroxy Acid Peel
This type of chemical facial peel is stronger than an alpha peel and works quicker. This is not something that a person applies themselves but is a mild chemical peel that is performed in the office of a dermatologist. It will remove dead skin cells easier as it gets deeper into the pores of the skin. Studies indicate that these types of peels also control acne, which makes them great for dealing with two problems at once. 

Getting a Beta Hydroxy Acid Peel in the office of a dermatologist does not require anesthesia. Your skin may feel tingly and look red but it will hardly hurt at all. Beta Hydroxy Acid Peel has proven to be an effective way to treat uneven skin tones, acne scars and even oily skin.










3) Retinoic Acid Peel
This type of facial peel is also performed in the office of a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. This is a deeper peel than the Beta Acid peel and is used to remove scars as well as wrinkles and pigmentation problems. This type of facial peel often requires the use of a mild anesthesia, although the doctor is not likely to put you totally under.

Although a Retinoic Acid peels works very well, it will take a few days to heal from this procedure, so you may want to schedule some time off work before you have this done. However, if you are troubled by deep acne scars or have problems with pigmentation on your face, this is an excellent facial peel.








4) Trichloroacetic Acid Peels
This is a deep peeling agent that penetrates deep beneath the skin layers. This is used mostly on darker skin patients and can smooth out wrinkles, relieve the skin of blemishes and correct any pigmentation problems.

This type of peel can take several days to heal so again, and some time off from work may be necessary in order to allow your skin to heal. You will need to use sunblock or stay out of the sun for several months after this procedure as well.








5) Phenol Peels
This is the strongest of the deep skin peels and is the most effective. It is often used to remove precancerous growths but can also be used to eliminate sun spots, smooth out deep wrinkles and remove freckles. It can correct blotches and deep acne scars.

Phenol peels require twilight anesthesia and pain pills for after the procedure as the pain can take at least a month to fully subside. There is a risk that this procedure can permanently lighten the skin as it can reduce the skin’s ability to produce pigment. A person who undergoes a Phenol Peel must also protect themselves from the sun for the rest of their life.

Facial peels are a great way to cosmetically refine your face. If you are troubled by deep acne scars, pigmentation problems or wrinkles, these peels will work wonders to smooth out your skin. While a deep chemical peel may not be for everyone, it can raise the self esteem of someone suffering from deep scars on their face. 

You do not have to live with fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation problems or blemishes. Facial peels can treat these conditions for you safely and effectively and in most cases, you will not even miss a day from work. Light chemical peels can be done quickly and easily and generally cause no discomfort.









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