Top 5 Cosmetic Treatments & Procedures to Reduce Wrinkles

Top 5 Cosmetic Treatments & Procedures to Reduce Wrinkles

Age has a way of drying out our skins and encouraging wrinkles. Those who have had to endure oily skin all of their lives and most likely had to endure acne too, may get sweet revenge as they will wrinkle later in life than those who had flawless, dry skin.






Because we want to fight the natural effects of aging, and because it's not a difficult feat to do today as there are many products on the marketthat can allow us to do this, many of us choose to do one of the following to either minimize or treat our wrinkles:







1) Chemical Peel
This is one of the best ways to get rid of fine lines around the mouth and eyes. There are also chemical peels that are a bit more intense and can smooth out deep wrinkles. There are a several different varieties of chemical peels that involve removing the top layer of skin and allowing the next layer to rejuvenate the look of the skin.

Some chemical peels are available, to a degree, in certain facial washes. Using this type of treatment usually takes time and many processes before you begin to see results. Naturally, in our culture that depends upon instantaneous service, most of us want the results right away. Chemical facial peels are fortunately available in the offices of dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Minor chemical peels do not require any anesthesia and are relatively safe and effective at not only smoothing out fine lines, but other skin imperfections that come with age, such as sun spots and pigmentation problems. 

Chemical facial peels can be dangerous but they are an effective way to treat wrinkles.






2) Botox
A a relatively new procedure in which the skin is injected with proteins that smooth out wrinkles. Botox is so effective and the results so instant that it has become the number one choice for treating age related wrinkles, particularly those around the eyes. In addition to being effective and providing instant results, Botox is also relatively inexpensive. And unlike a chemical peel, there is no recovery time. You can literally go to your dermatologist or plastic surgeon during your lunch hour and have this procedure performed right in the office.

Unfortunately, Botox is not permanent. It requires follow up treatments in order to maintain the same look and the jury is still out on the long term effects of the protein in the body.










3) Tretinoin
This technique of reduces the appearance of wrinkles through the follicular cells. This involves using Vitamin A in a chemical form to smooth away wrinkles. It takes several treatment sessions to see a difference in wrinkle reduction when using products that contain Tretinoin. It does work to stimulate the cells and has also been used in acne treatment. 

Tretinoin increases collegen in the skin, which is essential to reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Collagen is what gives the skin its elasticity and makes it more pliable. 

The down side of this treatment is that the products tend to be expensive and it takes a while to see results. The long term effect of using Tretinoin has not been studied, although because it is derived from Vitamin A, it is not thought to be harmful.








4) Face Lift
A very effective way to smooth out wrinkles as well as get rid of sagging jowls is to get a face lift. This involves a procedure in which the skin is pulled back and tucked behind the ears. A face lift tightens all of the skin and will instantly take years off of your appearance.

The cons of a face lift include the expense, the prospect of having a plastic surgeon botch the job and make you look like a freak and the idea that you have to go under full anesthesia in order to have the job done properly. Hollywood celebrities are no longer the only ones undergoing facelifts, although they started the trend of getting “work done.” While some people have had much success with plastic surgery, others look like caricatures of themselves. And some look downright scary. 

If you are considering a face lift, make sure that you have a board-certified plastic surgeon and that you do plenty of checking on his references. A good way to find a surgeon to perform this procedure is by word of mouth. Find someone else who was happy with the work they had done and go in for a consultation.








5) Laser Surgery
Laser surgery reduces the appearance of wrinkles by using lasers to effectively eliminate fine lines. Laser surgery must necessariy be performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. Laser surgery is also very popular in the field of hair removal. 

The down side of laser surgery is that it can take more than a few visits before the job is done and it can also end up being costly. It does not involve anesthesia, however, and if you are only going for one or two treatments, it ends up costing about the same as a Botox treatment but ends up lasting longer.

Wrinkles are a natural consequence of age and are something that we cannot avoid; although we can stave off wrinkles by eating a healthy diet, exercising and not smoking. We can also take care of our skin throughout our lives by using proper cleansing techniques, not going to bed with makeup, washing and conditioning our skin and using sun screen to avoid sun damage.






Although aging is a natural part of life and getting older beats the grimmer alternative, we refuse to give up on trying to look younger than we are. And it's working. 50-year olds today look much younger than 50 year olds did 40 years ago. Much of this is due to an increased awareness of healthy living habits. Years ago, people smoked like chimneys and guzzled copious amounts of alcohol with gay abandon, little knowing that both of those factors contributes to premature aging. 

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