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Clinique Sommeil SantÚ

8570 Boul. Newman
LaSalle Montreal Quebec
Canada H8N 1Y5

ph: 514-365-7567
fax: 514-365-7846
toll free:

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Clinique Sommeil SantÚ offers a variety of consultation, diagnostic and therapeutic services. We specialize in diagnosing sleep disorders and sleep apnea therapy. We offer a wide range of medical blood tests and drug screening services. We provide the community complete, personalized, professional, efficient and courteous services ensuring the shortest possible delay in appointments and test results. Our professional team is headed by Dr. T. Smith (MD. FRCP (C)) who is an expert in diagnosing and treating respiratory as well as sleep disorders.Sleep Apnea means the person snores and stops breathing repeatedly during sleep. The daytime symtoms may include feeling unrefreshed upon awakening, morning headaches, excessive daytime sleepiness / fatigue, memory loss, concentration problems, irritable mood and high blood pressure. Nighttime symptoms may include snoring, gasping for air, witnessed pauses in breathing, frequent trips to the bathroom, excessive movement in bed, acid reflux and sexual dysfunction.

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Clinique Sommeil SantÚ

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