BabyView 3D Prenatal Imaging

1550 Kingston Road, Suite 211 Pickering Ontario L1V 1C3


BabyView 3D Prenatal Imaging in Pickering is a one-of-a-kind ultrasound experience that you will not find anywhere else. BabyView is renowned for its very personalized service provided by Cheryl Gerelus, owner and obstetric sonographer. Cheryl is very passionate about BabyView and personally conducts each and every scan. Obstetrics has been a specialty of hers for more than 20 years, so rest assured, you are in very caring hands.“The greatest reward for me is that I bring joy and happiness to so many couples and families. They give it back to me tenfold by allowing me to take part in such an intimate time in their lives! BabyView is my Baby! It is not just a reflection of me, it is me and it encompasses all of the passion I have for what I do. I love my job, my business and I am very blessed and proud to own such an exciting and wonderful business”If you would like the opportunity to celebrate your baby’s unique little personality, come to BabyView and let us provide you with a keepsake you will treasure forever!