Dr.Elumir MD,CCFP Pain Treatment Clinic

Lake Bonavista Shopping Plaza Unit 141. 755 Lake Bonavista Drive SE Calgary Alberta T2J 0N3


We provide a unique combination of health care professionals that include a Licensed Family Physician, Licensed Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists and Laser Therapists. Working with her team, Dr.Elumir will first assess, diagnose and continually track your progress, while developing a treatment plan best suited for your individual needs.

Our specialized clinic provides a very safe and highly effective modality known as Low Intensity Laser Therapy(LILT), a sophisticated, non-toxic and non-invasive therapy that uses light energy to safely penetrate tissue. At an intracellular level, the light is transformed into biochemical energy. This process initiates a number of positive physiologic responses which can accelerate the body's natural healing processes and reduce pain. There are over 1000 published studies addressing the benefits of LILT, over 100 successful randomised double-blind controlled clinical trials. LILT is a scientific approach to natural healing.
We are WCB certified. Our physician and therapists support you through the entire WCB process so that you receive the necessary medical assessments and physiotherapy treatments.