Granville Centre for Dental Wellness

at 37th Avenue Vancouver British Columbia


Ours is a newly-renovated facility with the most technologically advanced techniques and equipment available. Yet the treatment we provide is warm, personal, and tailored to your specific goals. We never forget that there is a living person behind every mouth.After your first visit, you’ll start to understand what we mean when we refer to “dental wellness”. There’s a lot more to it than just not having any cavities. Rather than patching and fixing individual teeth as they break over time, we try to educate our patients of the benefits of “definitive diagnosis”. Looking at and treating your mouth as a system produces better and more successful long term results. And of course, a better smile!Dr. Gianni Pisanu Dr. Pisanu is a native of Sechelt, B.C., and received his undergraduate and graduate dental training from UBC. Dr. Pisanu has a particular interest in aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry, and specializes in anterior veneers. Dr. Patrick Lum Dr. Lum was born and raised in Vancouver, not far from our office. He has a music degree in Piano Performance, but Dr. Lum much prefers tickling teeth to tickling the ivories. Dr. Lum has an interest in restoring the bite of those with missing or heavily-worn teeth. Dr. Koo Dr. Koo was born and raised in Seoul, Korea, but went to America at the age of 16 to study. Dr. Koo resided in Boston area for high school, undergraduate, and graduate schools.