PillTalk offers personalized medication consulting services and wallet-sized PillCards to Ontarians on multiple chronic medications.

"90% of patients have discrepancies between their paper charts and what medications they are actually taking." ~ Canadian Health Network, 2010

Service / Product Offering

To help patients better manage their medications, PillTalk offers personal medication consulting services summarized in the form of a plastic wallet-sized PillCard. The PillCard comes with a personal 20-30 minute consultation with a pharmacist either in person, over the phone, or by virtual consult. The PillCard summarizes the patient’s current medications, supplements and vitamins, their purpose, dose and time of day it is taken. The back of the card lists any allergies they may have (including type of reaction), medical conditions, family physician, pharmacy and emergency contact information.

PillTalk strives to prevent and/or resolve any drug related problems identified. An average of two-potential/actual drug related problems (DRPs) are identified per consultation. Examples of DRPs include adverse reactions; dosing problems; drug adherence issues; and interactions with other drugs, foods, supplements, and vitamins.

“Adverse drug events rank 5th among the greatest and most preventable health threats to the elderly.“ Zagaria, 2000

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