Alpha Dermatology Center

1 Paton Street, Unit 111 St. John s Newfoundland and Labrador A1B 4S8


At Alphaderm, our vision is to develop new and improved pharmaceuticals to treat dermatological disease.Our team is leading advanced clinical trials in human participants, through partnerships with prestigious and reputable pharmaceutical companies, The Food and Drug Administration Act, International Review Board (IRB), and Health Canada.Alpha Clinical Research Centre strives to conduct ethically safe clinical trials that advance the field of dermatology.Under the direction of Dr. Tomi and his clinical associates, the centre utilizes the expertise of staff members to lead improved health care outcomes for many patients of dermatological disease.Dr. Tomi strives to provide quality, specialist health care to the community, lead investigations and participate in research, and to contribute to ongoing education of students and residents of medicine and dermatology.To date, Dr. Tomi has conducted over 50 clinical research trials covering many aspects of dermatology, with a primary focus on psoriasis.