The Cottage Clinic

40 Park St West Mississauga Ontario L5H 1G7


“Weight loss guartantee ! Self esteem,and weight loss seem to go hand in hand in our culture ,everyone "wants to lose " 10-50 pounds,so we start with physical health and well being as an expression of mental health. The root cause of most of our clients problems is in the physical body .We offer the world's finest weight loss and home chelation program, designed to improve overall health, brain function and cardiovascular cleansing. Our target market is varied ,teens "acting out " , autistic children and their parents ....typically the 40-65 type A executive who is

Weight loss guartantee !Thats right ,guarantee ,we are so confidant about our 14 weight loss program we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Increased oxygenation ,equals better blood low to the brain ,which means less depression ,chelation increases oxygen flow and blood oxygen saturation,by thinning the blood it manages to

we can boast an extraordinary success rate ! Detox and heavy metal related issues are often the reason why children act out to ,and why adults exhibit weight gain, plaque,diabetes and high blood pressure. Weight loss guarantee ! We offer the WINDOW TO HEALTH, this is a perfect tool for distance”
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